Arvin Goods.

Arvin Goods is the only basics brand to put sustainability first. Each product is made using closed-loop production practices, which means that every Arvin basic is made using donated/upcycled materials with minimal water used while eliminating waste and toxic dyes. It also means that unlike other brands, Arvin is cost-effective, built for both the eco-minded and the design-conscious.

Brady Bags.

Brady brothers John and Albert started their company in Birmingham in 1887 making leather gun cases. Over the years their range expanded to include fishing and game bags and Brady became world renowned as makers of the finest quality sporting leather goods.
Brady are proud to maintain the traditions, values and standards established more than a century ago. Brady bags continue to be hand-made in Walsall, from best quality canvas, brass components and English bridle leather. Many styles first introduced in the 30s and 40s are still made to original patterns and remain some of the most popular Brady styles.


Originally started in 1972's England, relaunched in Japan in 2018.

Cobmaster makes quality backpacks always keeping original values in mind; "Worlds finest camping and backpacking equipment.

Topo Designs.

Growing up on the US west coast, Topo Designs founders Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen had always been interested in not only spending time outside, but also in the gear needed to get out. They found themselves wishing there was a company offering a lineup a bit more like the gear they grew up using—classic styling, functionality, durability and a clear connection with the brand behind the product. So in 2008 working with local Colorado manufacturers, Topo’s initial collection was launched with some of the first products still being offered by the brand. 

Today the brand still produces the most durable, versatile, beautiful products that can be used around town, out on the trail and traveling the globe. Simple, classic, well-designed products that are inspired by who they are and where they live.